Africa Dentata is the first extended sector of occult-based original cosplay character and media production company 7 Deities Cosplay. This new sector is directly inspired by 7DC's fourth deity, Kundalini goddess Coquetta Dentata. 

Africa Dentata is a collection of gorgeous artisan-made pieces, hand painted in beautiful metallic African-inspired prints. All couture pieces are made to order and one-of-a-kind, with beautiful details to be found on each garment and accessory. 

In addition to being a fashion brand, Africa Dentata is an exercise in inter-sectional feminism, an exercise in a marginalized group stepping comfortably into a space that has always been, in an unspoken manner, reserved for or associated primarily with those that are not of color (white people). It is an exercise in discarding negative stigmas rooted in lies and a constructed history, in making lemons into tequila lemonade.

Africa Dentata exists to celebrate the sensuality & dynamic, unique beauty of black women despite the "monstrousness" or negative aggression black female femininity and sexuality has been long associated with. 

Though this line of fashion fetish wear was created to uplift black, melanin-dominant women, Africa Dentata wearable art pieces can and *should* be worn by all races and genders. 

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